My creative corner

Yes, it is important to have one! I will forever be faithful to the idea of having a little corner so you can completely disconnect from the outside world and focus on the “here and now”.

I can be a bit too aware of the surrounding space and can get easily distracted if there is no structure around me. Naturally, when I got involved with jewellery making and as I started getting more tools and materials things got a bit… chaotic (to say the least)! As a consequence and to avoid the messy kind of stress, I ended up putting together my own creative corner. It changed with time as it was all a bit trial-and-error but I think now it’s as I need. I now have beads to one side, tools to another, made jewellery separately… it’s a jewellery making Heaven 🙂

Below are some pictures of the adaptation process before the current stage:

20150130_195046    20150130_19503520150130_195138           20150130_195241           20150130_195222

Essentially, before I was finding space rather than creating it. Here is how it all looks now:

My desk: I always try to keep it free of things I’m not using at the time. It isn’t gigantic so I like to ensure I can use it as I need it.
Tools and materials storage: Yes, I finally managed to get it all together so I don’t need to go around looking for what I need in different corners of the room anymore!
My finished jewellery pieces (as well as my “paused” projects at the back)
Here I keep all my small beads and small charms as well as most of my findings
Here I keep all my small beads and small charms as well as most of my findings
This is where the “heavy duty” beads and charms are… and some feathers
A mess that I understand so well! Here are all my tools!
A mess that I understand so well… Here are all my tools
The board: Great to keep up with the things I need/want to do, motivational sentences, timetables, lists and so on. And why not use it to hang materials for pieces I’m doing?

Regardless of how organised you are, here is the thing to remember: If, like me, you have a million things on your to-do list all the time, set realistic deadlines! And allow yourself a bit of time to RELAX! (yes, yes, hard, I know – but you need it!).

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