Time management

While I initially made this blog exclusively for jewellery making purposes, jewellery making is now a part of my life and, in Briana’s logic, this allows me to post about… well… my life (jewellery making related and not)! So, this time around, and since this is something I’ve struggled with since I was born (I suspect), let’s talk about the forbidden subject: time management (wooooo)!

Generally, I don’t like to wait if there is something I want to do… this means I often find myself “up to my ears” with an endless to-do list. So when 2014 came to an end, I decided to choose what was more important and stick to it (Needless to say that it took me a few months to actually put a plan in place!). If time management is a challenge for you too, then here is possibly a useful read.

I start by making a list of things I want to get done not worrying about when and for how long, that can be done later.

– Social time – There is a reason why it’s at the top of my list… If I become too immersed in my own things, I can easily, and without even noticing, isolate myself from the outside world.

– Exercise – I had to make some choices so I gave up the gym but I started incorporating quicker at home exercise sessions into my week. This also includes some training for the Colour Run my friend and I signed up for as well as a 30 day Abs Challenge to keep me motivated!

– Beebiju – Etsy shop and blog, advertising both, Facebook page… and of course this also involves creating new items, taking pictures, doing research, trying new techniques… Love it all! But it requires time. Little tip: I linked the Etsy shop and this blog to my Facebook page so all updates go on it automatically… Unless I want to post something different, I barely need to worry about it (time saver!).

– Wedding – I’m now planning my Wedding; I’m loving it and I’m really looking forward to the day, but this takes time too (after the magic happens I shall post a few photos and DIY ideas).

– Charity work – I’m on a break! However, I am purposely keeping it in my list; as soon as I’m a bit more settled with the must-dos above, I will include this in the plan!

– Of course my full time job needs to be considered too!

So now I thought about what you want to do as well as what you have to do, I can assign times to the tasks. I find that making a monthly schedule would set me to fail miserably – I cannot plan successfully that long ahead. So I make weekly plans (usually on Sundays, before the mad rush of the week starts again). Set realistic goals, don’t commit to exercising 3 times that week if you know before hand you will only have time do to it twice. Allow yourself enough time to relax; you don’t want to get to Friday with your mind and body begging you to stop, there is an excited weekend ahead that’s been waiting for you for 5 days! These “rules” also apply if you work on rotating shifts or don’t have Saturdays and Sundays at home.

Here is my schedule for the coming week as an example:


The weekly plan looks absolutely packed but if you look at it in detail, yes, it’s demanding, but perfectly doable. The times written correspond to my times at work (provided I’m not doing overtime). On Monday, for example, as soon as I get back home from work, I can do the Abs Challenge and exercise – if you exercise at home you may want to get a plan from Pinterest. I am currently using a few circuits such as these ones. And the blog research can start off on Monday morning, from bed! I am having dinner with a friend of Tuesday, spending time with family on Saturday and left a few blanks (see for example my Sunday) to spend time, of course, with my fiancé. The Wedding planning is actually going pretty well so this week, apart from replying to a few emails (as we’re getting married abroad), I will give it some rest. And house chores? My personal view is that the world would be a better place if the dishes magically washed themselves or dust never settled around the house but this not being the case, one can look around and see what needs to be done. I therefore have no intention to make chores more dreadful by seeing them up on my board! ;P

Here is hoping that I stick to my plan for the week!

Last advice: if you don’t fully stick to your plan, don’t beat yourself up, you don’t want to waste valuable time stressing and feeling helpless. It’s ok, things happen and in all honesty, what’s the harm in accepting a last minute invitation to the movies or just falling asleep in the sofa after a hard day at work? 😉

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