Wire spirals

Before I start, here is a quick update as promised:I went to Beadworks and I BEHAVED!! It was hard but I managed to only buy things I needed (top-ups and tools). It is, however, any jewellery maker’s dream! 2 floors of… stuff from beads to tools, wire, cord, chain, you name it! I did find it a bit pricey for most big beads and findings but for tools, small beads and wire, it’s great!

Now… You try something new and get to the end of it thinking you failed miserably! Sounds familiar? At the lack of a better expression, this is the story of my custom jewellery life! Luckily, there’s a little something called perseverance and I personally think it’s a life saver!

This time, it’s about spirals! A while ago I tried to make wire spirals but I found the learning process quite frustrating. Now I’ve decided to retry under the condition that I don’t give up until I achieve results.

While I am nowhere near perfect at it, it’s been very rewarding to see some improvement. I started with some basic spirals and found a great video class by Lisa Niven Kelly from Beaducation super helpful. Here is the result of my first few attempts:

IMG_20150418_161742I tried and tried and tried and eventually my pieces of wire started to look like spirals. Right! so… open loop spirals next! I found these a bit more difficult to make and in the process I accidentally created a square so I decided to work on that and a few other shapes. Here is the result:

IMG_20150418_162552Finally, with this technique sort of mastered (emphasis on the “SORT OF”), I tried to create a few pieces. Here is what I came up with:

IMG_20150418_163530 IMG_20150418_181420 IMG_20150418_181252Yes, there is still quite some work ahead but my little accomplishments made me quite proud and very glad I tried.

A few tips:

– For this technique, more than for some of the others, it’s essential to have a quality set of pliers, specially the chain nose pliers as this will be used to grip and wrap the wire. The one I have is from Beadworks in Covent Garden.

– Get a good grip of the wire with the pliers but try to not squeeze too hard. This is also a way to avoid any superficial cuts on the wire.

– Get some extra wire. Unless you have a talent to get things right the first time around, you will go through quite a bit of it!

– Enjoy it. Use your imagination, ideas online, different colours and mix it all up!

And of course, if you have any comments or would like to ask a question, let me know 😉

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