Me, personally.

Hi! It’s me! Briana =) One of the kindest people I know. Also a control “freak” with an eternal time management problem. Who wants to do EVERYTHING! ALWAYS! Preferably at the same time! And I use “” for “freak” because us, “freaks”, are actually quite “normal”… we simply want organisation and control. We’re an important part of the world, for balance (for those who like Marian Keyes, it’s quite obvious I’m reading one of her books at the moment, no?).

With all my love and respect for it, before jewellery making, I am a person… in fact, quite a busy one! So I decided to make this post about… well… me!

I am, at the moment back home (well, where I grew up). It turns out that, unlike what I planned for my life as a child, I’m getting married! In exactly 4 days!!! And I finally took some time for myself, after months of planning, running around, making phonecalls and creating (of course I had to do some of the stuff myself, duh!), even if it’s just because I was stuck on a plane for a couple of hours (bear in mind this is being posted a few days after it was written)!

After the wedding and honeymoon, when I’m back to the UK, I will give you a little taste of the day and some ideas. There was music involved in every aspect of the planning and a lot of handmade (money-saving!) details: invites, favours and more.

We’ve done our best to ensure that we don’t forget it’s OUR Big Day, but also that our friends and family are happy, not just to be with us but because we made it a hell of a party and a day to remember!

Wishing a lot of sunshine for the upcoming weeks (especially to the UK readers)…

Write to you soon! 😉


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