Post-Wedding post

I’m back! And married! After an AWESOME Wedding day and a LOVELY honeymoon in Cuba, hubby and I are back to our dear routine.

As I stated in the previous post, we decided to be quite hands on and have a Wedding that really represents us… It turns out it paid off! Our guests enjoyed it (the positive feedback keeps on coming!) and we both loved every minute of it!

From the gorgeous decoration that the venue staff put together to the tiniest details, we made sure we planned as best as possible to make this day really ours.

Here are a few images of the details that made it that much “us”:

Handmade invitation. After some bad ideas and a lot of despair, this was the final result, thanks to my sister’s brilliant creative mind.
Venue Decoration. All done by the staff at the venue, based on our ideas.
Cake Toppers. Handmade by talented Joana @ Arte das Maos.
My bouquet. Made with silver applications I bought from Hobbycraft.
Wedding rings. Engraved with the same message we wrote as a start to our invitations.


Favours - Cigars for the men
Favours. Cigars for the gentlemen.
Favours - Handmade (by me!) necklaces for the ladies
Favours. Handmade (by me!) necklaces for the ladies.

As you can see, the Wedding had a lot of personal touches and the biggest challenge was the necklaces, having started from scratch and with no idea of what to do! But it was lovely to see so many of the female guests actually wearing them straight out of the boxes. And in terms of my business, it made me start thinking about mass orders as an option.

For now, back to blogging, planning and creating… still with our Wedding memories fresh in my mind 🙂

1253_Briana_Luis - .Copy



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