3 jewellery pieces, 1 dress

Exciting times – our first collaboration!

It’s that time of year in which The House of Lotz tells everyone about 1 dress, 3 ways: with the sense of fashion of a pro, my dear friend and fellow blogger Charlotte recommends three different ways to wear the same dress. This time around, with her focusing on Christmas, her followers will spot some new additions to her gorgeous outfits (I may have something to do with it).

Casual Christmas at home:

Looking very much like Christmas, my Pearl earrings, complement Charlotte’s lovely complexion and short haircut… and how can we ignore her awesome Squirrel jumper – which, by the way, goes so well with her dress???

Dangle earrings (9)



Work Christmas Party

How many times before have you had the work Christmas party… right after work?! And yes, you want to look different but you don’t have the time (or energy) to start the getting ready process all over again… Sometimes re-touching your make-up and putting some earrings and a necklace can do the trick! With my amethyst earrings and necklace, Charlotte pulls this off “like a boss”!


A Formal New Year’s Eve:

You want to look like a million dollars but you also want to  be able to relax, enjoy and properly celebrate. I can assure you that your outfit is only a tiny part of it, you will be the sensation, not what you wear. So, simple and elegant is the way. Once again, Charlotte makes it happen beautifully, letting my ribbon bracelet complete the look, not take over it.



Now off you go, it’s the weekend and not only you have your Christmas shopping to do, but now you also need a black dress 😉

Special thanks to lovely Charlotte, who acted as a model and put up with me going “A tenth of an inch to the left”;  “to the right”; “Bag in the picture, let’s do it again”! When you can, it’s worth checking her blog; with a mix of fashion, food, well-being and more, you’re in for a treat!

Briana **



The world of Pinterest

(Before I start telling you all the 100 different reasons why I love Pinterest, I hope you like my blog’s new look!)

Oh my dear Pinterest; some people’s idea of Paradise, it would be perfect if it wasn’t so addictive (or if the day had an additional 5 hours!)

Pinterest is a great way to keep everything you have, want, love, dislike and require in one place. You can create as many boards as you wish and pin whatever you find on the web that may be of interest to you. Ohhhh it’s like fireworks! 😀

Having joined Pinterest before my business started, I used it (and continue to do so) to keep things I like one click away. And once the jewellery making started, Pinterest quickly became my hobby buddy, where I store a bunch of projects and ideas that I refer to all the time. I have also started to Pin what I do… It’s a great way to keep it all in one place. Here is what my board looks like. I have added it to my WordPress menu for easy access.

After subscribing to emails from a website that provides advice on starting a business, I also noticed that a lot of people actually use it, not only as a platform to advertise their businesses but also as a way to share their ideas and recommendations. And it’s user-friendly!

If you haven’t tried it yet, here is your chance!

From wedding ideas to sports, going through ways to advertise business or even charity event strategies, there is every chance you will love it as much as I do! Just to give you an idea, it was through Pinterest that I first saw what was going to be my gorgeous Wedding Dress, with an immediate Pinterest seal of approval from my sister-in-law!

Going in? Well, enjoy, and ensure you block the next few hours for this and this only… you will need the time!