My tools and supplies

The jewellery making cupboard. In this little building live my ribbons, wire, beads, charms, packaging materials and a lot more.

Moving into my current flat made me have a complete re-think about BeeBiju, Bee’s creations and how I work. Granted, I’m having a bit of a delayed reaction but I think I’m in the right headspace for it now – i.e.: not functioning on blocks of 3-hours sleep. So getting a cupboard might not sound like a big thing but this means that there is a new home for my supplies – which looks quite pretty on the eye (thank you for the recommendation, sis!) – and most importantly, all the tiny, dangerous bits are stored away from the curious eyes of the resident little human.

So here is The Cupboard:


Due to its size, it’s in the hallway, right next to the office (again, thanks for the recommendation, sis!). That means I’m surrounded by everything I need, but not in a I-cannot-move kind of way.

As for the contents, here is a snapshot:

I love playing with bright colours, which you can see translated into my beads, cords, ribbons, wires and charms. I also have a number of tools I look forward to use more, like a Kumihimo disk and a bead loom – I will let you know about my experience with them in later posts.

I really do have more than I remembered – more supplies and more ideas – so it’s time to put these into action and, hopefully, I can develop my BeeBiju in the process. I will make sure I document my successes as well as my failures and frustrations and I hope to give you a fun read.

What happens next:

September will be dedicated to structure – my brain needs it and I often wonder if I focus on structure so much that I end up neglecting the process… I suspect the answer is yes! But I will try to time it a little bit better so I can focus on content more than planning.

Let’s go for it! And in the meantime… enjoy the next few days 🙂

Beginner Jewellery Making projects

In this post, we will take a brief look at 4 nice and easy projects, great for you if you’re new in the jewellery making world. Each one uses a slightly different technique and in addition to being quite straightforward, they are a great basis for what can result in beautiful pieces.

Multi wrap necklace

For this project, you will need a string (I would recommend using elastic or fish cord) and lots of beads – colours and sizes can be mixed and matched, you decide! Start by tying a knot on one end of the string and bead away from the other end! Once you’re happy with the length, tie a couple of knots (using both ends of the string) to secure it. All done, this necklace can be wrapped around the neck as many times as desired!


Charm Bracelet

The materials used for this project are chain – colour, size and length completely up to you – and charms of your choice – one to a lot! I love offering these as gifts with charms that relate to the person in question or to a specific occasion. All you need to do is measure the length desired and save a clasp on the side – I find it easier to attach it at the end to have a better idea of where the charms are going and take measurements, if needed. Now add all the charms as and where you wish to (please refer to my post Jewellery Making Tutorial – Beaded Bracelet for some tips on how to do this without damaging jump rings). Once you’re finished, attach the clasp to both ends of the chain to close the bracelet.


Wire Ring

Very easy and quick to make, you will only need some wire (I usually prefer to use 0.8mm wire as it is not too thick but can be easily re-shaped). Cut the wire you will need – 20-30cms will do. For the ring to start taking shape, you will firstly need to wrap the wire around a cylindrical shaped object (I tend to use my ring sizer). Once both sides of the wire “meet in the middle”, start twisting the wire on itself until the front of the ring gains the desired shape and size. If there is some wire “sticking out”, cut it with a wire cutter and turn it inside (so it does not scratch). You can use different colour wires and create several different shapes.



Single strand earrings

To create a nice, quick and simple pair of earrings, use two eye/head pins and a pair of earring hooks. Pick your beads and slide them down the wire, securing the eye/head pin by creating a loop at the end (please see this video for details on how to do it). Attach the beaded wire string to the earring hook (Please refer to my Beaded Bracelet Tutorial mentioned above). Repeat the process with the other eye/head pin. Why not try different earrings, if you’re feeling funky?


Tried any of the above? Share your results in the comment section, I would love to hear about it!


My starter kit

Hi reader! First of all, apologies for my absence. It turns out opening an online shop can be quite time consuming (who knew?!)! This time we will be going back to basics; I’ll take you through what I consider essential if you want to roll up your sleeves and get creative. Here is my starter […]

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