Step back

I’m a million times lucky when it comes to my main job – I work in the charity sector and I absolutely love it! On the family front, my husband and son make me equally lucky. That’s where my focus is (let’s be frank, so it should) and, in the middle of those, I want to fit some me time and social time for friends and wider family.
The truth is that the whole re-evaluation of priorities I’ve been doing in the last couple of years never really took into account that I should look at what, within jewellery making, I don’t have time for so here it goes!
While the writing will be sporadic, I absolutely love it and it’s a great outlet for me so that might be slowing down (it already has) but it’s not stopping! The selling… well, I’ve come to the decision that I need to close my Etsy shop. Don’t get me wrong, Etsy has all my recommendations as a great selling platform (ohhh, and the lovely things you can buy!), but, realistically I can’t give it much attention so, let’s be productive!
BeeBiju’s Instagram account is coming back to life very soon and in full force and that will be my main platform to showcase my products. There, I will also take you on the journey of re-discovering jewellery making with me.
Stay tuned and keep creating (we all do, constantly 😊).

My workspace

Excitement!! I finally have the opportunity to show you my new workspace!

We moved into our home less than two years ago, 3 weeks ahead of my son making his first appearance… needless to say it was a really busy time (during which I was surprisingly calm – must have been the pregnancy hormones and the endless help from friends and family).

At first I was a bit nervous as I didn’t think I had the space to set my jewellery making area. But once we moved in and got a bit organised, I then realised that I could use a tiny room that was initially in the plans as storage and, voilà, we have an office! It’s now used both by my husband and myself for work, so it was definitely a good decision! After getting light, sockets and some shelves installed, here it is… my beloved little workspace.

The cupboard to the right is where I keep my supplies (more about it in the next post)

For such a compact space, there is quite a spacious feeling to it and, when needed, we can shut the door without having the feeling that we’re in a small box! I also decorated a bit with some photos and added some more features:

These are my (purchased) necklaces, which will give space to my creations soon
These are IKEA knife racks that I screwed into the wall. I completely vouch for them, they have a really strong hold!









Total LIFE-SAVER! I didn’t have the wall light installed for quite some time so this LED desk lamp was really useful! Even now, it’s great for the fiddly jewellery making
20180807_215107 1
You might remember this from a previous post, I’ve had it for years and I use it all the time!










I love my little workspace and have promised myself that I will be using it on a more regular basis – and you will see the results in the next posts.

See you next time!


Re-introducing BeeBiju!


Long time no see!!

I should have put money in a jar every time I talked about returning and didn’t follow through… I’m pretty sure I’d be rich by now!!


My son turned one recently and now he’s growing into an independent young child, it’s an absolute joy to watch his delight as he takes in every new sound, every step, every new colour, voice, person…

That inspires me to start paying more attention to little details and make better use of my time… so I definitely need to plan ahead!

To make it easier for me to keep track and hopefully more interesting for you as a reader, I’ve come up with a calendar for my posts. The idea is to have a new topic every month so in August, you’ll read about my supplies and working space (which is different from last time).

Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I’m sure I will 🙂


Monthly pick – June

Sometimes, the simpler, the better!

My favourite item this month is not a part of my new Travelling Collection nor a piece that took me 10 million hours to do!

n the Moon” earrings.

These earrings speak for themselves, with their simplicity and uniqueness! The adorable cat having some “thinking-time” in the Moon is a genius idea (thumbs up to the author)!! Anyone else identify themselves with this lovely pair of earrings? I know I do!

As per usual, here is my Promo Code – BEEBIJUBLOG6 – available until my next post is up.


Oui, Paris!

Hi, you! First of all, apologies for my absence. While I was busy travelling, working and with other bits and pieces, I didn’t realise that almost THREE MONTHS have passed (scary, no?!)!

Now, let’s put in practice something I’ve wanted to do for some time: a travelling collection.

During my honeymoon in Cuba, I was in a complete “offline” mode but I kicked myself a bit when I came back, very happy, extremely exhausted and… beads free – yes, I actually forgot! While in Havana, the hubby and I visited a lot of gorgeous places and had a very interesting cultural learning experience, to say the least. But despite the fact our living room has a little bit of Cuban art, my craft drawers don’t!

So, on a personal level, I’ve made a commitment to travel more and while it’s not easy – for many reasons (one of them being my irrational fear of flying) -, I’m trying as I love the idea of getting to know other cities, countries and cultures. At the same time, when possible, I want to get my crafty side, as much as my cultural side, on it. And where should we start? Lovely Paris, of course, a city full of elegance, culture and gorgeous sights! During a city break with the hubby and some friends, I paid a “little” visit to a beads shop – that is, while the friends caught up with their sleep in the car and the hubby kept asking “Are you done? Are you done?” 🙂 In the heart of Paris, lovely little Matière Première filled me with indecision. Eventually, I settled for these items:

20160420_213619 - Copy

And I’m happy to say that they all have a purpose!

While I feel quite comfortable with the idea of making earrings (as you will see with most of the results!), I gave it a go with a few bracelets as well.

And I must confess, after days of consideration, I decided to keep a pair for myself:


As for the rest of the pieces, here is a little sneak peek of what they look like:

And I’m thrilled to share them on Etsy, as the first items in my “Around the World” collection! Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think. And as per usual, here is a discount code, in case you decide to buy: BEEBIJUBLOG5.

See you next time!

Taking some time off

Yes, the time has come. It’s Christmas!! Time for family… and food! (Yey!!!)

I am also taking a bit of time to focus on my shop, not only to make new pieces but also to have new material to continue to deliver this blog.

I will be back in January and, in the meantime, if there is something you would like to see featured in Bee’s creations, leave me a note! This blog is for you so who better than, well, you to tell me what to write about?

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and as we say back home, get into 2016 with your right foot! 😉

Introducing “My monthly pick!”

As suggested by a good friend and fellow blogger (see her blog here -> TheHouseOfLotz), here is my first “monthly pick” blog post, in which I present, from the items I created in the past month, my favourite.

This month, it’s a no-brainer! Having had lots to catch up on, I wasn’t able to create as many items as I would have liked… but I managed a few and the one I enjoyed doing the most was definitely a pair of earrings made with beads I got for my birthday! These came on the post as a little surprise from my sister-in-law: a lovely necklace, a super-fancy magnifier (great idea!!) and of course, my new gorgeous beads! I could not wait to try them out and here is what I came up with.


This pair of earrings is on sale on my shop and if you would like to buy it, feel free to use this promo code for 15% discount: BEEBIJUBLOG1 (valid until my next blog post goes up in 10 days)!

I think I’m going to enjoy this monthly pick business quite a lot!! 😉

My little box of halves

I stumbled upon it when I was going through my materials and sorting a few bits and pieces. I’d almost forgot about it but I do think it will be super useful! Before I go any further, this is another example of how helpful used items are; I found this box lying around somewhere and decided to recycle it.

This box contains pretty much all the pieces I haven’t had the time to think about so I don’t know what to do with them yet. That includes pieces I started but did not finish, broken items that friends have offered so I can re-use the materials and things I bought as part of a set but are not really my cup of tea (a matter of taste, so I am more than willing to recycle it all!). I even keep some of my failed attempts at jewellery making; I can always use them for comparison and as a little pick me up when I get frustrated (so I can see how my skills have improved).

One section of the box contains the first attempts at a few different jewellery items – things that are not exactly at the standard I want them to be yet but that I know will be useful when I get back to the respective techniques.

The techniques attempted include beading, wire shaping and braiding using a Kumihimo disk
The techniques attempted include beading, wire shaping and braiding using a Kumihimo disk
Pieces made using resin and small add-ons
Pieces made using resin and small add-ons

Another section, possibly the one I will be using the most, includes pieces that I am very likely to adapt/finish later.

Two of the things I like the most when creating pieces are wire shaping and mixing different materials
Two of my favourite techniques: wire shaping and mixing different materials

There is also a division for pieces I will probably want to take apart so I can give their components a different use and create another look.

I've bought quite a few tops that are sold with necklaces
I’ve bought quite a few tops that are sold with necklaces

Finally, here are some items from my own jewellery that have oxidised over time… I want to try different cleaning methods on them and make a little experience out of it.

I am deliberately leaving all these pieces together to get rusty quickly so I will be able to see the difference when I clean them
I am deliberately leaving all these pieces together to develop rust quickly so I will be able to see the difference when I clean them

Let’s see what I can come up with next! 🙂

Post-Wedding post

I’m back! And married! After an AWESOME Wedding day and a LOVELY honeymoon in Cuba, hubby and I are back to our dear routine.

As I stated in the previous post, we decided to be quite hands on and have a Wedding that really represents us… It turns out it paid off! Our guests enjoyed it (the positive feedback keeps on coming!) and we both loved every minute of it!

From the gorgeous decoration that the venue staff put together to the tiniest details, we made sure we planned as best as possible to make this day really ours.

Here are a few images of the details that made it that much “us”:

Handmade invitation. After some bad ideas and a lot of despair, this was the final result, thanks to my sister’s brilliant creative mind.
Venue Decoration. All done by the staff at the venue, based on our ideas.
Cake Toppers. Handmade by talented Joana @ Arte das Maos.
My bouquet. Made with silver applications I bought from Hobbycraft.
Wedding rings. Engraved with the same message we wrote as a start to our invitations.


Favours - Cigars for the men
Favours. Cigars for the gentlemen.
Favours - Handmade (by me!) necklaces for the ladies
Favours. Handmade (by me!) necklaces for the ladies.

As you can see, the Wedding had a lot of personal touches and the biggest challenge was the necklaces, having started from scratch and with no idea of what to do! But it was lovely to see so many of the female guests actually wearing them straight out of the boxes. And in terms of my business, it made me start thinking about mass orders as an option.

For now, back to blogging, planning and creating… still with our Wedding memories fresh in my mind 🙂

1253_Briana_Luis - .Copy



Pendants and Charms

So, after taking some time to redefine priorities… here we are! While, of course, I need to create new items and advertise my shop to get it out there, I feel that the blog is becoming a very important part of the whole process; it allows me to share my experiences and it also helps me think outside the box. Due to the nature of the blog, I figured that while some posts will be generic and short, a big part of them will be based on research, new techniques, my shop, etc. So, as part of it, I’ve decided to post less, so I can make this blog more relevant and interesting for myself and, more importantly, you!

Today I want to keep it simple… let’s talk about pendants and charms! I love the diversity out there. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets… you can really use your imagination to expand on the ideas!

So what is the difference between both? Of course, as most concepts, these too can vary but after some research (I’ve always wondered myself) I settled for the idea that pendants are usually bigger and primarily used for necklaces whereas charms are generally smaller, great for bracelets and earrings. Here is a concise explanation by the GEMaffair diaries.

At the end of the day, no matter the definition, the possibilities are endless and will probably suit you whether you’re a beginner or you have a lot of experience. Here are some examples of pieces I have done:

Fairy earrings – for these earrings I used cute little fairy charms. Due to their size, they are great for bracelets too.

Bronze earrings – I’d be tempted to call these pendants! One would look pretty good in a simple bronze necklace… but let’s follow the definitions, here are my circular flower charms!

Silver chain necklace and chain earrings – A little different as the charms were beads to start with. These were then attached with silver wire and jump rings (I also used a bit of chain to complete the earrings).

These ideas really are like the tinniest needle in an enormous stack. For now, here are some of my favourite shops (online and off):

– Hobbycraft (this goes without saying!) – pendants and charms


DIY Time

Later on today, I plan to visit a new bead and jewellery supplies store (well, new to me, they’ve been in the business for almost 50 years) and I suspect the challenge will be to spend less that 5 hours in there. I will let you know how that goes… 😉