Step back

I’m a million times lucky when it comes to my main job – I work in the charity sector and I absolutely love it! On the family front, my husband and son make me equally lucky. That’s where my focus is (let’s be frank, so it should) and, in the middle of those, I want to fit some me time and social time for friends and wider family.
The truth is that the whole re-evaluation of priorities I’ve been doing in the last couple of years never really took into account that I should look at what, within jewellery making, I don’t have time for so here it goes!
While the writing will be sporadic, I absolutely love it and it’s a great outlet for me so that might be slowing down (it already has) but it’s not stopping! The selling… well, I’ve come to the decision that I need to close my Etsy shop. Don’t get me wrong, Etsy has all my recommendations as a great selling platform (ohhh, and the lovely things you can buy!), but, realistically I can’t give it much attention so, let’s be productive!
BeeBiju’s Instagram account is coming back to life very soon and in full force and that will be my main platform to showcase my products. There, I will also take you on the journey of re-discovering jewellery making with me.
Stay tuned and keep creating (we all do, constantly 😊).

Social media – the eternal conondrum

WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube… Photos, posts, blogs, videos… and there’s personal preference, of course. Then you have to tailor your profile/page according to your needs or the needs of your followers. And the mentions, retweets/reposts, shares, hashtags (#seriously #omg #tiredalready #socialmediaruleshumanity)!

It’s a lot of information to take in and it changes so much in time (high five to those who’ve heard of hi5)! From a business perspective, it’s a big chunky challenge – it’s not really about you, business owner; it’s about how you can engage your followers and reach wider audiences. And in practicality, it’s about finding time for it all.
At the same time, a level of focus is needed… more social media doesn’t necessarily mean you’re engaging more people, sometimes it just means you’re overworking!

After having a good think about it, I realised that, under BeeBiju, I’m using a lot of social media but not effectively so something’s got to go! Let the analysis begin.
Instagram – In my business, it’s all about the visuals, of course. And Instagram offers a lot of options, so I don’t have to “just” post a photo. I can add filters, make if funky, add a story (particularly great when letting followers know about an upcoming blog post, for instance). Verdict: MUST KEEP!
Facebook – It’s visual, yes, but it also offers the option to share content from other websites easily, such as Etsy, which is really useful. Verdict: STAYING!
WordPress – No brainer! I have two active blogs, mostly because every now and then my brain just wants to spit information (apologies for the not-so-nice mental image!). Verdict: KEEP KEEP KEEP!
Twitter – This is where it gets complicated. The whole Twitter-Facebook link is amazing – I can post on one and it just pops up on the other one! But this means I don’t go on Twitter at all! I find it interesting though; I think it works differently from Facebook but to make the best of it I need to schedule regular time to see what’s going on. Verdict: TENTATIVE, subjective to commitment.
Pinterest – What a wonderful waste of time! Hold on, don’t get me wrong, I write this because once I start browsing, I really can’t stop! You can find everything in it and create boards, and choose the main image, and make each of them public or private… music to my ears! But do I use it for BeeBiju purposes? Well, I had a folder just for that but haven’t been posting for a long time and don’t think I’m very likely to. Verdict: USE JUST AS A WONDERFUL WASTE OF TIME.

Well, I think that should keep me going for the next 6432930 days at least, so onto scheduling some time to really “media-socialise”.

See you next time!

Re-introducing BeeBiju!


Long time no see!!

I should have put money in a jar every time I talked about returning and didn’t follow through… I’m pretty sure I’d be rich by now!!


My son turned one recently and now he’s growing into an independent young child, it’s an absolute joy to watch his delight as he takes in every new sound, every step, every new colour, voice, person…

That inspires me to start paying more attention to little details and make better use of my time… so I definitely need to plan ahead!

To make it easier for me to keep track and hopefully more interesting for you as a reader, I’ve come up with a calendar for my posts. The idea is to have a new topic every month so in August, you’ll read about my supplies and working space (which is different from last time).

Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I’m sure I will 🙂


Let’s talk Business

Normally, it would make more sense to have the experience, perfect it and then blog about it but I think that the struggle is an important part of any process and subsequent accomplishment so here we go.

As I mentioned before, I am starting a small business and with time, I decided that there are 3 components that I would like to maintain: creating, selling and blogging; and as much as possible, I want them to go hand in hand which will hopefully give the buyers a little bit of context while providing the readers with ideas to create and buy.

Well, my business is all about handmade jewellery pieces so yeah, pretty important step! As I get more comfortable around my pliers, findings and beads, I enjoy it more and more. I am getting more familiar with materials, brands, shops and techniques and it’s great in many ways; the self learning process, that so desired break from the being-at-the-office-the-whole-day routine, the therapeutic effect, not to mention I don’t really buy as much jewellery for myself as before!

Ever since I was little, I’ve always enjoyed writing and as such, the blog seemed a great idea to share my experiences. For me, it is also one of the best ways to go back to my light and positive self at times of frustration. I usually see blogs around of very cool and successful people that are through the starting part of a business so I often think (silly me!) that I should already be selling all day every day… No! Kick starting is difficult and I’m sure everyone goes through a similar experience, in their own way… So why not share the not-so-good side of it as well? And it’s one way to gain visibility!

I started selling to friends and at some point Etsy was mentioned by a friend as a selling platform. After checking it out, I fell in love (hard not to!) so I decided to give it a go. There is a world of things about starting up a business to learn and not only Etsy provides you with the “webspace” to do it, it also offers continuous support, with all the blogs, instructions, chats and materials.

Also an important part of the whole process involving my business is research. I find it important to make some time to do a bit of study, whether it is for blogging, creating new pieces, learning new techniques or for the business as a whole.

Now with a clear(ish) idea of what I want for BeeBiju, I can ensure I set weekly/monthly goals that I can achieve but are, at the same time, challenging. After all, setting up a business is not meant to be easy! 😉