Monthly pick – June

Sometimes, the simpler, the better!

My favourite item this month is not a part of my new Travelling Collection nor a piece that took me 10 million hours to do!

n the Moon” earrings.

These earrings speak for themselves, with their simplicity and uniqueness! The adorable cat having some “thinking-time” in the Moon is a genius idea (thumbs up to the author)!! Anyone else identify themselves with this lovely pair of earrings? I know I do!

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Introducing “My monthly pick!”

As suggested by a good friend and fellow blogger (see her blog here -> TheHouseOfLotz), here is my first “monthly pick” blog post, in which I present, from the items I created in the past month, my favourite.

This month, it’s a no-brainer! Having had lots to catch up on, I wasn’t able to create as many items as I would have liked… but I managed a few and the one I enjoyed doing the most was definitely a pair of earrings made with beads I got for my birthday! These came on the post as a little surprise from my sister-in-law: a lovely necklace, a super-fancy magnifier (great idea!!) and of course, my new gorgeous beads! I could not wait to try them out and here is what I came up with.


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I think I’m going to enjoy this monthly pick business quite a lot!! 😉

Pendants and Charms

So, after taking some time to redefine priorities… here we are! While, of course, I need to create new items and advertise my shop to get it out there, I feel that the blog is becoming a very important part of the whole process; it allows me to share my experiences and it also helps me think outside the box. Due to the nature of the blog, I figured that while some posts will be generic and short, a big part of them will be based on research, new techniques, my shop, etc. So, as part of it, I’ve decided to post less, so I can make this blog more relevant and interesting for myself and, more importantly, you!

Today I want to keep it simple… let’s talk about pendants and charms! I love the diversity out there. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets… you can really use your imagination to expand on the ideas!

So what is the difference between both? Of course, as most concepts, these too can vary but after some research (I’ve always wondered myself) I settled for the idea that pendants are usually bigger and primarily used for necklaces whereas charms are generally smaller, great for bracelets and earrings. Here is a concise explanation by the GEMaffair diaries.

At the end of the day, no matter the definition, the possibilities are endless and will probably suit you whether you’re a beginner or you have a lot of experience. Here are some examples of pieces I have done:

Fairy earrings – for these earrings I used cute little fairy charms. Due to their size, they are great for bracelets too.

Bronze earrings – I’d be tempted to call these pendants! One would look pretty good in a simple bronze necklace… but let’s follow the definitions, here are my circular flower charms!

Silver chain necklace and chain earrings – A little different as the charms were beads to start with. These were then attached with silver wire and jump rings (I also used a bit of chain to complete the earrings).

These ideas really are like the tinniest needle in an enormous stack. For now, here are some of my favourite shops (online and off):

– Hobbycraft (this goes without saying!) – pendants and charms


DIY Time

Later on today, I plan to visit a new bead and jewellery supplies store (well, new to me, they’ve been in the business for almost 50 years) and I suspect the challenge will be to spend less that 5 hours in there. I will let you know how that goes… 😉

Jewellery Making Tutorial – Beaded bracelet


I thought I would try to mix this blog up a bit so here is my first tutorial. I hope you like it and, as always, questions and comments are more than welcome!

Some weeks ago I saw a beautiful bracelet online and decided to give it a try. It suits casual or smarter outfits and this technique can be used to create countless pieces as it is quite simple – of course it does require that little bit of patience.

20141107_203854Keep in mind that my first attempt was for something I would wear, hence the size (my wrist is really thin)! You can easily adapt this and use other beads and jump rings colours and sizes.

The principle, of course, is the same, so please see below the materials used and steps taken.

First, get your materials together:

With my modest experience (and since I get confused and overwhelmed easily), I’ve come to find it’s a lot better to ensure I have everything I need to hand, so I do not need to interrupt the jewellery making process to get something that may be missing.

In this case, I used:

  • 4mm black glass beads
  • 7mm silver jump rings
  • A clasp
  • 5mm jump rings (3)

As tools, I chose 2 flat nose pliers (this may vary, depending on your preference – occasionally, I prefer to use a flat nose pliers and a round nose pliers).


We’re ready to start!

  • My supplier sends the jump rings ready for use. If this is not the case, open the jump ring using your pliers.

20141107_194449 - Copy

Tip: When opening or closing a jump ring, always move one side back and the other forward. Do not move them away from each other in an attempt to increase the area of the circle as this will re-shape the jump ring.page2

  • Insert two beads into the jump ring and, using the method shown before, close it.


  • Insert a new jump ring into the first one, keeping one bead to each side. When this is done, close it.


  • Repeat this process as many times as required.
  •  When the length desired is reached, and using the same process as before to connect one jump ring to another, add a 5mm jump ring at one end of the bracelet and before closing it, insert the clasp.


  •  At the other end of the bracelet, insert the remaining two 5mm jump rings.


Here is the end result!


I hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial and have found it useful. Any questions, please ask 😉